Thursday, March 07, 2013

Forgive and Forget

When you are in love with someone you know that there will be fights, there will be situations when the love of your life will act just a little weird, that is when you have to stand tall and say "baby I understand, this is a bad phase, this too shall pass!" Then there are times when everything  goes downhill, when despite trying everything, nothing made a difference; but you still hold on, because you know love will see you through.

Most often we forget to do the one thing that is most important, when we have a problem with the one we love. We choose to bottle things up, we tell our friends, we rant on social media, we let it all pile up or even act irrationally and vent our pent up frustration by just having one of the greatest fights ever. We never consider to talk to our partner about it. Alternatively, we never give our partner the importance to hear him or her out, we get defensive, too absorbed by other things that we ignore the needs, the pleas of the one we love the most. Sad but true. Then the pent up emotions erupts, harsh words are exchanged, hurt slashes painfully and that part of your heart you hold sacred shrinks smaller and smaller.

Sometimes, we realize sooner than later, that the words spoken has hurt our loved one and make amends too. The same loved one you can barely see go through any kind of pain, be it a blister on the feet or a migraine attack; is now hurt by your harsh words. Most often we fail to fathom the extent of damage that we have done which has corroded our relationship. We choose ego and our belief of what is self respect over love and lose a perfectly beautiful relationship. We forget that with time we can put behind a fight but the words spoken echoes long after they were said, haunting and scarring and ultimately destroying the love that you once prized so much.

Often we find it hard to forget, but it is still in our capacity to forgive and move on. When forgiving becomes difficult, moving on becomes the only option. Relationships are so difficult to nurture, giving up is tough, walking away is heartbreaking. So why not make the effort to love it like we did on the first day we realized we were in love? Why not make love a habit and a way of our life and not just those rare days when you feel taken over by the strong indulgent need to express and endorse love? By loving each day, we value every little thing we do for the one we love, we cherish every little thing that is done for us and ultimately we avoid saying or doing things when things comes to a pass where forgiving and forgetting have to be resorted to.

Love is essentially the most important feeling that guides us through every thing that we do. Be it the food we like eating, the person we want to wake up to, the clothes we prefer to wear or the job we do. Love makes all the difference! So love freely, love indulgently, love obsessively, love passionately, love like there is no tomorrow. Make love a way of life, love will see you through the time of strife! Love will ensure you never have to forgive or forget! Love is the only thing that makes this journey worthwhile.


yamini meduri said...

I am reading you after a long time Raka...but reading this brings all the memories at your blog back to me..!!

Love is indeed the best...your blog has always proved that...specially the stories of Neel and Nayona...the best pair forever...!!!

Me said...

So true.. every word out there... :) sometimes all you need to do is reach-out..because if not today, then u may not get a tomorrow...