Sunday, August 04, 2013

As Beautiful As Your Work

Much has been said women’s empowerment and equality. Feminists have been screaming themselves hoarse fighting for equal rights and to be honest I do conform to it. But I guess I have had the greatest fortune of being a woman of my own thanks to the wonderful people around me who gave me the freedom to be me.

Being a woman of my own has been an epic journey so far. I guess it started way back in school where I choose my own subjects. Then came selection of a college and the subject I wanted to study, not for once did bias or prejudice come my way. My desire to be a journalist never met with statements that said “but that is not a woman’s profession” It has been three years to my professional career and 5 years since I first left home and to be who I am today is a much cherished childhood dream come true. As a young girl, I yearned to be able to support myself. When other girls wanted their boy friends to gift them things I coveted the idea of being able to afford the things I desire. Now, when at the billing counter of a store when I flick my card to pay for my purchases the feeling of achievement is too great to ignore. At work, to be respected not because of the position I occupy but as a person who is skilled is just another satisfying feeling.

What makes me the woman I am today is the ability to be able to make my own choices, to lead the life I wanted on my own terms and despite being independent and empowered the desire to nurture the relationships that mean much. The idea of the woman I am is reflected in everything that I do or own; be that watch which I saved for many months and bought, a brand but something that is without frills that speaks of the no nonsense person that I am. That diamond nose pin I had gifted myself on my birthday the year I first started working or that phone which helps me not just to categorize and keep abreast with my work, but helps me organize my home chores and also remain in touch with friends and family.

There is not much that is needed to establish yourself. It is the elegance with which you carry yourself, dignity with which you deal with trouble at hand, the respect with which you treat your colleagues and loved ones that are your real asset. It is your work, be it at home or at office; that speaks volumes for the woman you are. Being a woman is a blessing for as nurturers we have the ability to be homemakers and professional with equal elaan.

There are so many like me,  for whom their work is a form of self-expression.  This blog post is a part of Tanishq’s Mia blog contest on the topic “As Beautiful As Your Work”. The entry is not just a contest entry but it reflects the kind of person I am and the idea I associate with. 

You can watch the TVC here where Tanishq celebrates the beauty of such women like Megha. To take part in the blog contest click here.