Thursday, September 17, 2015

Do you?

How do you do it?
Do what you are supposed to do
When your heart or mind is not in it.
Do you do it still?
How did you cope with the unfulfilling feeling
that tears the heart apart?
That constant comparison
Between what was and what is not
What is supposed to be,
What is not what you actually wanted?

Do you also blink away the tears
when memories come haunting?
Do you turn away your face
Lest it betrays your emotions.
Do you also try and replace
The vacant look with a meaningful one
Do you too, wish that ahappy thought
Was there to stay?
Do you also, wish that it stopped
Meaning quite as much?
Do you too, try to make the present
Worth the while, as long as it lasts?
Do you too, long for those times
We have left behind.
Do you too long for those conversations
That left you happy and fulfilled?
Or that one look
That conveyed what words were never needed?

Do you love me still
In some forgotten part of your life
Like I do?
Do you miss me like I miss you?
Do you mourn the void
What was once our world?

I guess not.