Saturday, January 02, 2016

New Beginnings

 Dear You,

You must be tired, exhausted, mentally drained, but do you know how strong you really are? All those times when giving felt tough you gave some more. Times when you felt hurt and angry but you kept the smile on. Disappointed, dejected and subdued but you kept going. Do you know how terribly bold and courageous you have been? No you are not told this often. But you need to know that is tremendous that you do and the way you make things possible, that undying energy, the spark of life, the zest to make it all work! It's great, take my words for it!

This has been an important year of your life. You came to re look at relationships anew. You got into a major relationship, which will now mark the course of your life. You found new people, you lost old friends, you gained them back and then got to know existing relationships in a new way. You have been confused, angry, hurt, your heart has been filled with longing, with want for some guidance, love and some old fashion care.

You learned to forgive yourself before you try and forgive others. It's okay you have not been able to do what you are supposed to do. There is always a next time. But don't slow now and remember the mistakes as scars. While you forgive and understand others, make sure you start with yourself.

You, a new phase is about to begin in your new life! Embrace it and not go toward it like an impending task! THIS PHASE OF YOUR LIFE IS JUST YOURS TO CELEBRATE. Dont let the past cloud your mind & heart. Look ahead, for future lies there.

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